Wescon Bau is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Our company was established in 2015. The name of our company is derived from the words West and Construction.

Since its establishment, Wescon Bau has developed active projects as real estate developers in Germany. The main purpose of our company is to set up; the vast experience of construction and real estate development in the German market is also wanted to be used. The company is developing at the same time actively works construction and real estate market in Turkey with Wesco Construction A.S.’s name.

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Kurulus Insaat is headquartered in Istanbul / Turkey and is the locomotive company of Yapı Holding.

Founded in 2009, the company has been operating actively in the market of Turkey, which is known for its valuable projects completed over a total construction area of 525,000 square meters. Today, the company is one of the favorite companies of Yapı Holding. Again, our company has delivered more than 1600 apartments. Additionally, A plus office and commercial space projects with the Turkey market is one of the leading construction companies.


Building International Doo is headquartered in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Our company was established in 2016 and acts as the representative of Yapı Holding in Balkan countries. Today, we represent a lot of opportunities with our Yapı International Doo company in the Balkan region, which has a population of 75 million. The company not only has the opportunity to develop construction and real estate development, but also in the energy sector.


MDC is one of the subsidiaries of Yapı Holding and it is located in Atyrau city of Kazakhstan.

The partnership established with YDA Group in 2018, today operates in the infrastructure and superstructure undertaking works in the oil regions in Kazakstan. Thanks to its superior construction experience, our company has partnered with YDA group. In this way, MDC represents Yapı Holding in the international arena not only in the superstructure area but also in the infrastructure field.


Founders of GHS-Global Healthcare Services carries 20 years of experience in hospital and healthcare technology management.

GHS GLOBAL HEALTH leaders have partnered wıth hospıtals and medical centers on over $1,5 billion in medical constructıon projects-from private clinics to academic medical centers GHS has an extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare industry, particularly in facility design, medical equipment planning, project management, hospital management as well as Management of Projects in MoH hospitals in Turkey and KSA – Income-Sharing Partnership projects, Training Programs, Operational Processes (Infections Control Training Program, Biomedical Department, Facility Management, ICU, Cardiology, etc) Successful green field healthcare facilities development of more than 30 hospitals in Turkey, Libya, Nigeria and Iraq, GHS focused to provide the latest technologies and highest standard deliverables to satisfy our clients.

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